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So I've had a really intense couple of weeks (mostly good, but exhausting), and like a lot of people, this election season has me wanting to hide under the bed. Or on Pluto. I'm between temp assignments, which means I probably have tomorrow off, at least. I want to do something fun and indulgent.

I want to draw DS9 fanart for you. Give me prompts, please? :D?

I really like detailed scenarios (more than just 'this pairing' or 'these characters being cute'). I love illustrating fic, and will totally do that if you point me towards a story or scene! I daydream about people writing drabbles for me to illustrate, but that's totally not required. 'Jake and Nog go on a picnic on a weird mushroom planet' is totally acceptable. :p

(One time [personal profile] ataratah asked me to draw something about werewolves being born from cabbages. It resulted in one of my favorite pieces of prompt art ever. I'm a big fan of crack.)

Particularly of interest:
-Major Kira
-Jadzia Dax
-Jadzia Dax/Lenara Kahn
-Odo & Lwaxana Troi
-Odo & Kira (as friends)
-found family/core cast in general (they love each other!)
-ridiculous shenanigans

I’m not big on Worf, sadly, or Bashir/O'Brien, or most things O'Brien-centric.

Oh, and I’m currently halfway through Season 6, so I’m avoiding post-show fic and probably can’t help you with anything post-show-specific yet (but check back).

I also put a call out on tumblr and would be thrilled if you'd reblog it. <3

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Date: 2016-11-07 04:20 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] lilacsigil
I would love to see Dax gambling, either at Quark's (maybe rubbing his head for luck) or with her old Klingon buddies. Maybe with Kira looking on or threatening Quark?

As for Bashir/Garak, I would love to see one of their totally friendly breakfasts which don't involve trading information at all, because why would plain, simple Garak do that? Maybe with slightly more hand-holding or foot pressing than happened in the show.


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