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Drawing Star Trek prompt art is proving to be a fantastic motivator for getting job applications and little bits of activism done, but sadly, I didn’t get nearly enough female-character-centric or f/f requests. So Im putting out another call, for those specifically. Have any for me? :D?

I’m still mostly doing DS9, especially Major Kira and Jadzia Dax, but also Lwaxana Troi, Grilka, Ishka, Tora Ziyal, Lenara Kahn, Leeta, Keiko O'Brien, Kasidy Yates, Natima, Ezri Dax (who I don’t know much about yet), etc etc.

Also feeling some TOS ladies right now (Uhura, Chapel, Janice Rand, the Romulan commander, T'Pring) … and maybe Ro Laren?

I’m also asking over on tumblr, if you wanted to be so kind as to reblog. And if you missed it, I’m listing all my fills from the previous round of prompts in this post.

Much love, guys. <3 And support, especially for those of you dealing with potentially fraught holiday gatherings this week.
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So I've had a really intense couple of weeks (mostly good, but exhausting), and like a lot of people, this election season has me wanting to hide under the bed. Or on Pluto. I'm between temp assignments, which means I probably have tomorrow off, at least. I want to do something fun and indulgent.

I want to draw DS9 fanart for you. Give me prompts, please? :D?

Some details about what I'm interested in doing! )

I also put a call out on tumblr and would be thrilled if you'd reblog it. <3
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So um, if I were going to doodle the Cab as characters from The Little Mermaid (it has to be the Disney version), what would the casting be? (I kind of feel like Singer should probably be Ariel, actually? I mean, voice? Plus, Cash seems to want to show us all his nipples, rather than hiding them under seashells like a good merboy.) Mind you, I'm going to turn right around and spend the next few days finishing that comic strip instead, but there were more adorable videos today making me LOL, and. >:( I just don't know these guys well enough to cast or even 'ship, yet.

I keep staring at my to-do list like it's going to shrink if I look hard enough. /o\ This is clearly going to be the hermity drawing weekend I've been wanting for awhile. Unless there are plans that I'm forgetting about. I don't think I have any (except for keeping Lisbet company tomorrow night, of course).

I'm just glad that this fandom ties so neatly into my most enduring obsession. :D I go from squeeing over their stupid faces to ranting about ~earnestly discussing comics at the drop of a hat, lately. (You might have noticed.)
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My friendslist is really hopping now! I want to respond to all the intro posts and stuff, but it is late and I think I'm getting sick, so I should really sleep. Just wanted to say that ILU all already.

My artbunny list is already a mile long, and I'm going to get distracted by Avatar in a couple of days, but . . . someone mentioned Gerard and Lyn-Z dressed in each others' stage clothes the other day, and um. *_* That is a really good idea. I might have to do multiple shots of Lyn-Z, though . . . at least the Black Parade outfit & the iconic Revenge-era black suit/red tie.
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Oh god. So yesterday I put Labyrinth on while I was drawing, because I have been planning to do one or two pieces of bandom AU art ever since I saw the picture of Pete in this icon (all dressed up for FOB's cover of "Beat It").

If Pete were going to be Jareth, the Ways seemed like obvious casting choices to me. So, you know, some Pete/Mikey snuggling on the Goblin King's throne (Beat It!Pete, Summer of Like era Mikey in the stripes). Plus, an indignant Gerard prancing around in a ridiculous poofy poet shirt . . . that was about all I had planned. (And while the idea was originally mostly about the Pete/Mikey, the more I think about Sarah!Gerard the drama queen, the more gleeful I get. FOR HIS WILL IS AS STRONG AS YOURS, AND HIS KINGDOM IS AS GREAT. *snerk*) For one thing, I am a lot better at drawing people than critters or, say, muppets.

I only made it through about the first third of the film (if that)--and I can still recite all the lines by heart--but now I have an entire cast. (A ridiculous enormous multiband cast! With most of them as muppets!) /o\ One huge cracked-out fandom fusion art project, coming right up! (This is going to take me awhile. Maybe I'll stay in for the three-day weekend and just draw.)

How is this my life?
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I'm not really sure why I keep trying to keep all my ideas a secret until I produce them. I mean, it makes sense for presents and things like poncho!Vicky-T, but not everything has to be a surprise. Maybe if I talk about some of them, I will still be motivated to work on them even when I'm all tired after work. (Not today, because I have a [ profile] cilghal to drag around Harvard Square in search of comics! But more often!)

Standard Lilith!art disclaimer: I am insanely slow, and I make no promises. I want to draw so many things and never do! But I always hope to improve on that. :)

things I want to be drawing right now kthx )

Of course, I won't work on any of this next week, because I'll still have all the Big Bang fic to catch up on. :DDD:

In other news, I guess I'm going to have to learn to conduct myself in fandom without hiding behind [ profile] sweetvalleyslut anymore. Yikes.

(Everyone think good thoughts for her with me, okay? She is my beloved very bestest of friends in the whole world, and all kinds of mush that you wouldn't even believe, and she is going out into the world in such a freaking literal sense! Where she will ROCK THE SOCKS OFF everyone in eastern Europe. ♥♥♥)


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