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Well, running a little late, but I just had a bit of a [ profile] yuletide friending fit.

If you've just been friended by me, and are confused . . . you posted on [ profile] glass_icarus's post from awhile back. You also wrote something I really liked (which I haven't recced yet, because I still haven't gotten around to that), or we just have interests in common, or I generally think you're cool.

I hope you don't mind. There's certainly no obligation to friend back; I am a very haphazard poster and reader, after all. However, if you'd like, you're certainly welcome to friend me. I'm absent-minded (and oftentimes, just absent), but I like people.

Man, I really wish I had more time right now. Just looking at peoples' interests makes me want to draw for all kinds of things. Bah.
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(Does anyone know why Firefox hates LJ lately? That was annoying.)

Happy 2007, everyone! It’s the day of revelation for [ profile] yuletide, and now that I’m allowed to be public about my contributions, I thought I’d talk about them a little.

(Oops, I almost slipped up! Turns out [ profile] go_exchange's reveal is tomorrow . . . I think? So I'll be able to post my picture then.)

This was the fourth [ profile] yuletide (and I've participated in each one, yay). And, for the first time, I wrote two stories: my original assignment and a “stocking stuffer." They’re about as different from each other as I can imagine, too: the former lengthy, PG-rated gen, and the latter short, explicit femslash.

The Raven of Portobello Road
for [ profile] keswindhover
The Adventures of Tintin
general cast, PG, gen
Request: “Tintin in London”
Liner notes )

Life Like Fallin' Down
for [ profile] sweetvalleyslut
Empire Records
Deb/Gina, NC-17, femslash
Request: smut
Liner notes )

What a fantastic year for [ profile] yuletide. I stretched my boundaries, wrote more in a few days than I've done in most years, recieved a beautiful fairy tale with my own name on it, and will probably be in fic (to read) for the rest of the year. I feel really pumped, so maybe I'll finally keep my annual resolution to contribute to the NYR challenge.

Thanks so much, [ profile] keswindhover and [ profile] sweetvalleyslut, for your fun and challenging requests, and so much love to [ profile] moonsheen, who filled a request I've been hoping for dearly for the past two years. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did! Cheers. :)
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I finally got to read my [ profile] yuletide story, and it's marvelous. Gerda and the Snow Queen is set after the events of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen." In spot-on Andersenian style, it tells of grown-up Gerda's attempts to help a young street urchin, and in the process, to deal with some unfinished business.

It's awesome and it was written for me! ^^ Thank you again, Santa, so very much!

I have much much more reading to do. There will be recs, I'm sure, though I can't imagine even making a dent in all the stories I want to read . . . wow.

[ETA:] [ profile] sindohrah made me into a trading card! Thank you, honey. *blush*

Here's a little something for you all, in honor of the holidays (and in a femslashy vein, as usual):

femslash holiday

(Rachel Summers/Grey, AKA Marvel Girl or Phoenix, and Kitty Pryde, AKA Shadowcat, of course. Copyright Marvel Comics and all that.)
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Wow . . . all right, that was a learning experience.

I handed in my [ profile] yuletide story right under the wire. (I was one of the ones caught waiting through the temporary downtime, yes; that was nerve-wracking.) I've never, ever cut it that close before. I won't again (I hope).

I like to use this challenge to stretch myself, and I certainly did this year. Picked a fandom that I knew--though I may not have thought it through completely--but yeah, I knew it would require me to write a totally different kind of story than I ordinarily do. It was a big challenge. Very big. I hope I rose to it; it's hard to tell, I won't really be capable of any sort of objectivity for awhile. Well, I really hope my recipient likes it, in particular. She is really sort of awesome. (And if you're reading this later, I promise I'm not buttering you up.)

The experience has been rewarding, though. To be honest, my biggest problem this year was probably the fact that I kept on researching my source, cutting into time when I should have been writing instead. The fandom is one that I've loved a long time, but I have a newfound and vaguely academic passion for it now. If I were still in school, I might honestly re-consider thesising.

Sorry, I'm babbling. I'll stop now, lest I start giving too many details; I doubt anyone could figure it out from the above. Hopefully nobody minds my rambling. It's a sure sign that it's way past my bedtime. I have to go to work tomorrow . . . and do holiday cards.
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Hallelujah for fandoms with art exchanges! I think [ profile] go_exchange is going to be a keeper (it's an interesting balance for [ profile] yuletide). It's just nice to be in a fandom that has artists; I've been neglecting Good Omens. This should stop. (There's not a lot of femslash potential, alas--still don't quite get the Pepper/War thing, though it's visually appealing--but in many ways the subject matter is more true to my usual range of interests than action cartoons and comics.)

Can't show you guys my entry yet (though I'm sure those of you who know my stuff would recognize it), but I'm really pretty pleased with my work, and the response has been pretty gratifying too.

[ profile] yuletide is a bit of a struggle . . . I'm going to be up to the last minute there, as always. It's just a very different kind of story than I've written before; based largely on plot and specific setting, rather than character interaction and emotionally-charged visual detail. I'm having a love affair with the source material, though, just like last year. Yay. (I also get to beta fic in two fandoms that I really enjoy, so it's working out to be an altogether satisfying experience. I'm not going to have any energy left to pinch-hit, though, unless it's one of the post-Christmas ones.)

The holidays are generally eating my soul (I have an ambitious card project on top of these fandom exchanges, and all the usual family stuff), so there hasn't been any other recent fanart, and very little passive participation. No time to read fic, and most of my shows are on break (though Stargate: Atlantis was freaking fantastic this week). Oh, and I've dropped Torchwood, because it's frankly too stupid to be believed. What a shame.

I may manage a holiday card for my fan-folks . . . not sure. If not, see you on the other side of Christmas, people, and a merry Solsti-Hannu-Kwan-Christ-Yule to everyone.
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Oh wow, I'm tired. I came down with a bad headcold on Tuesday (I seem to have a curse, that's the third Halloween in a row I've been sick), and it's lingering.

But. I got my [ profile] yuletide assignment last night, and it is so damn exciting . . . absolutely the best I could have hoped for, I think! I can't wait to get started on the research. (Obsessive that I am, I like to refresh myself on the canon as thoroughly as possible. Last year, I reread almost every single ElfQuest book: Interlibrary Loan must have been very, very tired of me.)

So I'm sorry it's taken me this long to get to this, but: Dear Yuletide Santa )

Whee. This is the best time of year to be a fangirl.
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Okay, I feel like talking about [ profile] yuletide some more . . . people over at the community have been posting links to posts they've made musing over fandom choices, and now I feel like talking about mine.

fandoms I'm thinking about requesting )

I'm not going to talk about which fandoms I might offer to write (there's some overlap, but not a lot). I'm paranoid about giving too much away. ;)

Interestingly, one of my biggest challenges in the past hasn't been picking obscure enough material; this is really the first year that I've had potential trouble with that.

Rather, some of my fandoms are just too obscure )

Mind you, I've never heard of a good third of the fandoms that get written for (much less suggested). So it's hardly all bad: I get recommendations for some pretty fantastic things. And it's hardly all bad to get fic for a fandom you rarely see, even if it's not as wildly obscure as I start to imagine. Mine is a small frustration: it just came to mind very vividly as I was narrowing my immense list down from forty-four to six. ;) You know how that goes.
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Having an elusive Lilith siting? Sorry, I've been kind of busy with my real life, and giving a lot of my free time to artwork and that. Largely original work, but there are a bunch of new Kim Possible pieces up at my dA gallery. Including a silly self-insertion comic strip, which was a whole lot of fun to do.

Busy I am, and it's hard to find time for fandom, but I'll have to (such a chore, I know), because my absolute favorite event is coming up: [ profile] yuletide. You know, the multifandom "obscure" fandom holiday challenge . . . as usual, I encourage anyone who isn't a participant to join in! It's pretty much the best thing ever, and all you have to do is fill one of the New Year's challenge requests. They're due by sign-up day, which hasn't been announced yet, but it's a ways off yet.

Also, I assume they'll be taking suggestions for fandoms very, very soon.

Anyway, I'm psyched, so I'm thinking about what I might request this year )

Anyway, I have some plans for more SgA fanart, and possibly some Marvel stuff, so stay tuned. It's a busy time. I don't even have time to talk about my new love for Life on Mars and Heroes, my happiness with the third season of Veronica Mars (so far), or my reaction to the end of the latest season of Doctor Who (meep).


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