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Hrm, I am several days behind on [community profile] snowflake_challenge! Need to catch up. The thing is, Day 8 was about setting fannish goals, and ... I don't feel like I can do that right now. I mean, I suppose I could set a goal for the summer, but I think it's better if I don't even think about it. Thesis.

Day 9, on the other hand, was awesome ... it just took me two days to complete: In your own space, create a fanwork. A drabble, a ficlet, a podfic, or an icon, art or meta or a rec list. A picspam. Something. I drew some fanart! Inspired by someone's Day 4 wishlist, because I love the whole circle of fannish gift-giving. So [personal profile] mammothluv wished for
"crossover fanworks of any of my favorite ladies." We seem to have a fair number of favorite ladies in common, so that took a bit of narrowing down ...

preview image of two ladies with guns

Renee Montoya teams up with yet another Kate. )

Day 10's challenge--rec a creator--is also awesome, and I want to do it justice! I may post again later today. Right now there are things I need to get moving on. I have the day off (breaktime work schedule is kind of nice), and I think I'm going to hop the free commuter bus a couple towns over and work in a cafe with fewer distractions. There is never, never enough time!

Still, David Bowie announced this week that he's putting out a new album in March. There are always, always things to look forward to, jfc.
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Well, 2013 starts in an hour, and I'm sick and taking a rest before I join my family for the countdown and toasting and all that jazz. (It's not that bad, but I think my poor little pseudo-niece is disappointed in my lack of energy. I can't figure out why I'm her favorite entertainment in the first place; possibly because I listen endlessly?)

This year has been a progression for me; I think I've grown a great deal on a number of levels. (Also I started teaching myself to draw porn! Clearly a huge accomplishment.) The new year will be the year I finish school for good (as far as I have planned) and launch ... the rest of my life, I suppose. Which could be daunting, but headcold aside, I feel energized and ready to take it all on (starting with my thesis, of course). I don't have resolutions so much as ongoing goals. And all the creative projects ever.

I wish you guys all the best in this new year; I can't wait to spend more time with some of you and to see all the amazing things you produce! Absentee though I've been this year, I adore fandom and my circle and appreciate all the little ways you always help me through my rough patches. <3

It's awfully puny, but here's a roundup of this year's fanart. )

And here's one last little thing for the year (not that it's in any way seasonal) ... the Warehouse 13/Sanctuary crossover I've been pondering, featuring H.G. and Tesla. (Ugh, Tesla! I have failed your face, or your face has failed me ... challenge accepted for sometime in the future!)

Helena G. Wells holds a Tesla gun on Nikola Tesla
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a bunch of preliminary sketches of Becky Cloonan and Lindsey Ballato

Semester's over, and suddenly I only have one left in grad school. That's ... a little terrifying, honestly. I can't really say it's moved fast, exactly, though. It's been too full for that to feel accurate.

I am psyched for messing around with fandom funtimes, although as always I suddenly seem to have way more things to draw than I'll ever have time for. I've watched a whole lot of new TV over the last few months (Elementary, all of Warehouse 13 and Eureka, this really adorable anime series called Princess Jellyfish ...) and Teen Wolf still mostly has control of my brain. Also, Star Trek. IDK! But there's definitely going to be a Becky/Lindsey project, thanks to two all too tempting fanwriters who always seem to have me stumbling across my lines ... so welcome back to bandom, me, I guess? (Well, bandom/comics RPF, anyway.)

I can sketch from photos so much faster these days. Huh!

On a less chipper note ... one of the scariest things, I'm finding, about being on antidepressants and actually doing much better? Is how freaked out I get every time I feel a little crummy. Like I'm about to go off the precipice. All part of the process, I guess, but ugh.

Time to go make gingerbread houses (my school and its traditions) ... home in two days. Much as I love these people I am very ready to be away from them for awhile, tbh. Meanwhile, good luck to everyone who is Yuletiding today! <3
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So yeah, that happened. (The lurker in the alleyway is Derek. And no, there was no contextual reason whatsoever for me to be wearing a towel.)

Hi internet! I have missed you. Miraculously, I am basically done with all my immediate deadlines more than a week before the end of the semester (although, you know, there's still my thesis). So I can breathe a little, sort of, and daydream about the actual fanart I'll draw on my break.

There have been a few exciting developments around lately! Every once in awhile someone on my feed retweets stupidly adorable photos of the Teen Wolf cast on the season three set! (As you can see above, my brain remains eaten!) Also, what is this about a Stiles kiss, internet? Surely there is more context than just the slightly hypnotizing gif I found myself staring at earlier?

Also I really enjoy this resource post [personal profile] brownbetty put together with werewolf lore and various ephemera. Ugh I want to make things.

On another side of things, I'm having feelings about the Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer, of course. Has anyone not seen it yet? Ah well, here, spoilers. )

Anyway, I'm sitting here drinking tea and singing along to old Christmas Vespers recordings while one of my classmates attempts to put her website together and frequently raises her voice to the internet in general. It's been a fantastic semester and generally just a really good time in my life. <3 to you all!
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Okay, so it's Monday ... and it's Teen Wolf finale day, only I won't get to watch until tomorrow night. (Which probably means staying as away from the internet as I can mange for all the time in between!) Tension! Suspense! STIIIIIIIIILES! Here, have some extremely silly cracked-out fanart, courtesy of a prompt from [personal profile] ataratah.

cropped image of a suspiciously-dressed Lydia, Scott and Stiles

Full image behind the cut! )

Well, anyway, it feels good to be doing that again, even if I need to slow it down and go focus much harder on my other work, like, immediately.

In non-Teen Wolf news, this Britta vid is perfect and choked me the fuck up. Whee, VVC premieres, I can't wait to watch more. And ... that's about it, really. Life recently has included a sprained ankle, greater levels of financial competence, hanging out with someone very attractive in a sadly platonic fashion, drawing comics even smaller than usual (somewhere back in Somerville my friend A.W. is self-righteously annoyed and does not know why) and my little brother being home from France after almost a year. So all in all, pretty great. But mostly, werewolves.
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Ugh, it's so good to be home. I've been back in the Happy Valley for a couple days, on a brief visit to family (biological and chosen). It's nice to spend some time in a place which, while familiar, contains plenty of new faces. I can go whole hours without encountering someone I've spoken to before, if I'm careful. Also I got to pick up my comics subscriptions from the last few months (Brian K. Vaughn & Fiona Staples's Saga is pretty nifty, by the way ... and new Castle Waiting is the best thing of ALL), and go shopping for such things as used music, sex toys and sun dresses, none of which I can do easily back north. (Although dress shopping, it turns out, just isn't happening. MY BREASTS ARE DRESS PROOF. :( I did find a lovely new tie, though, and I got to try on a gorgeous tail coat.)

After all that shopping yesterday, my friend was telling me about this little company in Maine that makes handcrafted dildos shaped like tentacles and unicorn horns (among other things). I thought some of you might appreciate that? ;)

Anyway, enough rambling about random real life stuff ... while I was off doing un-internet things, the fabulous [ profile] bandombigbang fic I illustrated for was posted! And I Will Be Your Goal (Frank/Gerard/Grant) is a lovely story about relationships and revolution simultaneously gaining momentum in a vaguely steampunk European setting, written by [personal profile] tuesdaysgone and [personal profile] fleurdeliser! Check it out! You can find my illustrations here or on LJ. I had a blast with the Regency-era costuming in particular!

I also have to put in a quick plug for The Only Hope For Me Is You, the final part of [personal profile] tuesdaysgone's Killjoys trilogy, which I cannot WAIT to read. Those stories have basically been my chosen Killjoys canon thus far, and I'm so thrilled to finally get the conclusion!

I hope you guys are generally having a great weekend! I should go tear myself off the internet before I accidentally spoil myself for the Legend of Korra finale on tumblr.
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So, um, hey guys? I realized the other day that I have clearly slipped into full-on hibernation mode without even realizing it. It often happens this time of year, even when I'm not in grad school ... I just lose energy for most things that aren't an immediate part of my everyday life. I kind of hate it, but at least it should be turning around soon?

School's pretty awesome right now (I'm working on a much longer, more self-directed project that'll take me up to the end of the year, and I'm very excited about it), and the White Collar finale made me tear up, and life is generally good (apart from a serving of financial stress here, a bit of seasonal glumness there).

Also, I was going to put together a bunch of little pieces of fic illustration from various stories and then post them together, but it looks like I might not manage to finish most of them for awhile, so here's one to share!

This is a scene from [ profile] theopteryx's amazing little post-apocalyptic [ profile] no_tags fic, Fog, Sheets, and Thunder. I recommend it highly; the worldbuilding is extensive and engaging, and it's full of tiny intimate moments and painful hope and yes. Check it out. I had to try responding to it on paper as well as with words, though I don't feel as though I really did it justice.

Gerard inks Frank for the first time

Be well, bbs. <3
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Oof, hello, internet. God, I've had an intense couple of weeks. My grad school likes to start off its second semester by diving immediately into a super-concentrated group project with a ridiculous deadline! Crit was this morning, and it is so nice to be able to think about other things at last (although tbh, the main thing I'm thinking about at this moment is sleep).

Now that we're past that hurdle, however, it looks like a much more pleasantly balanced semester is doable! :D I have some plans (and have signed up for [ profile] bandombigbang, eeee), but in the meantime, I want to share what I spent my vacation on ...

introductory image!
So Victoria thought this was just another one of "those" modelling gigs. Not safe for work. Contains naked ladies, stockings, and flogging.

See, I've been thinking a lot about learning to draw erotica this last year! I've seen a couple of potential opportunities to draw porn comics pop up, and it's definitely something that interests me, but I know I don't really have the chops to pull it off in a professional way just yet. Drawing porn is hard (aheh); everything from the sheer physical mechanics of bodies interacting to trying to capture some sense of mood. So! [personal profile] were_duck asked me if I'd be interested in teaming up on some kind of joint project, and after I posted this kinky vintage picspam (also NSFW) for her over the holidays, we decided to try a 1920s Greta/Victoria erotic photoshoot AU.

We weren't really sure what form the project would take; at the moment there's just a series of backgroundless pin-up images I drew over a period of a couple of weeks. Eventually there will be artistic contributions by [personal profile] were_duck as well (oh man, the stuff she's working on is fabulous, seriously, just you wait), and ... maybe some kind of story? We have a loose narrative in mind, but I really needed to focus on visuals for a bit; to just start drawing and see where it led me. I have .... a lot of thoughts for where I might go next (whether it's in fanart or original work). There are lots of things I need to work on, though. Like different body types! (I meant to emphasize this a bit more and didn't manage to pull it off; too focused on getting the posing down, I think.) And general anatomy in some places. Hmmm.

Okay, I need to think about relaxing now; I still have a little bit of that deadline tension buzzing under my skin. Be seeing you a bit more of you all soon. ♥
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Hey, kids. So I've been busy the last few days with family and traveling back north and stuff. I'm finding myself instantly inclined to curl up into a ball of sleeping and reading and not talking to anyone more than absolutely necessary, and I really want to nip that in the bud. I would like for the second half of my vacation to be social and productive! So here, I will do the first three days of the Fandom Snowflake Challenge at once, for a start. :)

Day One: Self-Recs.
In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Drop a link to your post in the comments.

Three things I made. )

Day Two: Reccing others
In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create. Drop a link to your post in the comments. See if you can rec fanworks that are less likely to be praised: tiny fandoms, rare pairings, fanworks other than stories, lesser known kinks or tropes. Find fanworks that have few to no comments, or creators new to a particular fandom and maybe aren't well known or appreciated. Appreciate them.

Three things other people made! )

Day Three:
Comment to someone you haven't ever interacted with before. Afterwards, leave a comment in this post with the equivalent of "I did it!"

It doesn't have to be anything complex - it can be feedback for a fanwork or discussing something you might have in common or even simply admiring their icon. The point is to reach out to someone you normally wouldn't and connect with them, even if it's only for the briefest moment.

I ... have been meaning, as a general rule, to try and spend part of my time this month actually leaving people comments and feedback for the various fanworks I've been enjoying lately. So I made a start on that, of sorts? I am very awkward, but considering how intensely reclusive I'm feeling today, I'm glad I did.

This is really kind of a neat challenge, you guys; I like the idea of kicking off the new year by showing some appreciation for my community.
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I think I'm going to avoid the fannish year in review meme, because my year has been so oddly lopsided. However, here is a roundup of this year's fanart, if only to remind myself! )

I'm heading back north on Monday to hang out in my mostly-empty little town working four-hour shifts for a couple weeks! (And not before time; the statute of limitations on spending harmonious time with my parents is definitely running out.) Among other plans, I think I'm going to be participating in [personal profile] akamine_chan's Fandom Snowflake Challenge. Seems like the perfect way to celebrate fannish things a bit before grad school eats me again. :D

As for real-life reflections on the year, well ... honestly, there's just too much. I left my first for real adult job after three years (gratefully and with much rejoicing, though it was a perfectly good one), left the city, and went to the school of my dreams. Which ATE me. That's already more than enough, without feelings and identity crises and ~life lessons that I'm trying to learn and not dwell on (or ramble about).

(That said, yesterday I bought the cutest bra I have ever owned. Which was a small thing, but ... this year, I feel good about my body in a way that I never have before, and I am so immensely grateful for that. So that's one thing! And I am having this problem where I can't stop staring down at my own chest every five minutes. /o\ Um. Hi. Sorry. Anyway.)

Also, before I disappeared, I got to meet a whole bunch of you this year, and get to know a few more of you much better, and that has been one of the best things.

2012 is going to be amazing, okay? Let's get that done.
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yeti!Dewees says happy holidays

Apologies; this is late for the majority of holidays, I believe, except New Years! As is just about everything I've tried to accomplish this year. I have this bad habit of treating most of my vacations as convalescences; my main resolution this year, naturally, is to try to stop overdoing everything. (No really.)

It's been a lovely bit of R&R, although I've barely even scratched the [ profile] yuletide surface or spent much time online; too busy tripping and falling into Connie Willis' Blackout/All Clear. (Another problem I have in re overdoing things: reading in moderation does not come naturally!) That said, I'm absurdly excited about the abundant Downton Abbey fic this year, and what I have read (mostly Blue Beetle and Community), I've enjoyed immensely. I may have to do recs; I don't remember the last time I did that!

Anyway, have some brief RL blather about Christmas. )

Also some belated Sherlock Holmes reaction! )

Ack, must cut this short (rather than discussing any Christmas specials I may have watched yesterday - oh, Downton Abbey), but hi, I hope you're all having a lovely winter, holiday season, last few weeks, etc!
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This is very nearly belated, for which I'm very sorry! Graduate school takes almost everything I have just now, and certainly all of my time. But! For [personal profile] ataratah:

an oddly happy Sailor Saturn

A better friend and art-beta than I think I really deserve, a good portion of the time. ♥ I'm very very happy you exist, lady!
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Yesterday, I was sitting in a cafe drawing with [personal profile] ataratah when some excited tweets led to us looking at Brendon Urie in a thong ... which I only just now realize, I did nothing to shield the establishment's other patrons from. Um. I've missed fandom? Hi! I've been pretty busy visiting with old friends and dancing at the wedding of my former epic adolescent infatuation, but I need a little more internet time.

Speaking of NSFW imagery ... I have been working on something to share with you guys! Way back in March, [personal profile] lucifuge5 won a two-page fancomic, which I have finally completed. The following is a scene from her Due South/Down With Love fusion, DONE With Love:

'Fraser,' Ray interrupted, 'Sorry. I won't be able to make it. I'm all tied up.' (NSFW) )

Thanks again to [personal profile] lucifuge5 for your generous bid on [ profile] help_japan!

I feel like my juices are finally flowing again after a good month of art slump (all that transition just doesn't do anything for me creatively). I am ready to make ALL THE COMICS ... very very soon. :D

Now I need to go try and get things set up with my electrical company from a state away, since my new roommate is moving into the apartment a week ahead of me.
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So [personal profile] ataratah and I have talked a lot about our early love for Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, and awhile back she suggested that we try doing some kind of related art project! This is my piece based on the first of a series of prompts she suggested: a panel from the manga, redrawn in my own style. It was ridiculously fun, hanging around in a cafe, working on these together.

Oh Nostalgia, part one )

So that was fun! I can't wait to start the next prompt, though I have to space these things out with ... other fanart obligations, of course. (I am pretty much just going to do as much fanart as I can manage 'til I leave, I think.)

You seriously, SERIOUSLY have to go check out [personal profile] ataratah's answer to this part of our challenge, over here (or on LJ). It is drop-dead gorgeous. I cannot get over how fucking graceful her linework and gestures are; she's taken one of the simpler manga panels and just made it come alive. (Also, I don't know if any of you have ever watched PGSM--the live-action Sailor Moon--but I ship Rei/Minako like burning, and this is some of the best fanart of them I've seen.)

Just wait until you see what she has in store for the next two prompts!
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Something weird that happened last week: it seems that this shirt is irresistibly fascinating to some segment of the population. In the space of a few hours of wearing it (not for the first time or anything!), three separate strangers felt the need to read it aloud; one man was so intrigued as to get up in my face and try reading it to me while I was on the phone with my brother. In a T station. That was fairly disconcerting. To top it off, I later ran into a woman (another stranger) wearing an identical shirt, who told me she'd had several similar experiences that day.

Okay then?

In other news (ha), I have been sketching away at various projects and mainlining Fringe continuously; I'm about halfway through the second season. Have I mentioned that I kind of love this show? It's pretty damn fascinating stuff, conceptually ... oddly, a bit more "out there" than I expected. (General weird stuff, sure. A centralized focus on alternate dimensions? I guess I hadn't picked up on that from my peripheral awareness.) Also, I really like everyone in the main cast, and their relationships (although, weirdly, I don't feel any particular need to 'ship them). I'd like a little more focus on Astrid, though, I must say.

I'm trying to complete small pieces somewhat steadily even while working on longer projects: prompts are helpful for this! So here's another: [personal profile] ataratah originally requested "Firefly-verse Beckett, with optional sidekick Mal/Castle." Subsequent discussion lead to an ex-Alliance Beckett to whom Mal is not so much a sidekick as ... well, it's a little unclear. However:
space!Beckett holds Mal Reynolds at gunpoint

So that was really fun. :D I'm intrigued by this 'verse, I have to say; after all, Castle and Beckett make great foils, but Mal and Kate would probably have a bit in common (and also, I suspect, friction). If I had time to play with this more, I'd bring in the rest of the precinct cast members as her kickass crew ... hmm.

I should probably get back to work-like things now, so. Briefly: I'm excited for Grant Morrison writing Superman again, but DC is still mostly full of fail. (Hello, it seems I'm seriously ~invested in canon Clark/Lois. Not actually much of a surprise.) And I must rec [personal profile] thingswithwings's fantastic multifandom manpain vid and accompanying meta. I love celebratory vids and themed vids and all the rest, but ... criticism!vidding is one of my favorite things in fandom, period.

So happy Friday, bbs! I am finally going to see X-Men: First Class this weekend. I don't know if I've ever read so much meta (and squee) for a movie before I've seen it.
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I am having a super-lurkery week! Just one of those times when I generally feel like I'm stuck on a "taking things in" setting, reading and reading and not interacting very much. (I don't just mean on the internet, either.) I have no idea if that makes any sense, but. Hi. o_____o

One thing I should really, really read less of is all the DC Comics news. I spent a fair chunk of yesterday going through this massive roundup of reaction links to the de-Oracle-ing of Barbara Gordon, a move which dismays me for a whole variety of reasons (from the representation issue down to finding it reductive on a storytelling/character development level). Also, pleased as I am that Batwoman's going ahead as planned (and Jaime Reyes gets his book back!), I'm still sitting here twitching and wondering when we're going to hear something about Cass, Steph, Helena, and Renee. Ugh, superhero comics, why.

On a related note, stories like this about the marginalization of actual women by the comics mainstream (from a retail perspective, in this case) fill me with rage. Women and the medium both deserve better.

Some happier fannish things! The [ profile] bandombigbang fic I drew for this year is up: [ profile] the9thdoctor's Angels From The Neon! It's a nifty take on the Killjoysverse, rather distinct from some of the other stories I've read! You can find my illustration over here; an image that I couldn't get out of my head until I got it down on paper. It was a fun challenge, and definitely took me out of my comfort zone.

Also, [personal profile] tuesdaysgone has posted Bulletproof Heart, the second part of her epic Killjoys trilogy, which does a fantastic job of knitting together and fleshing out the universe we see in the videos. The worldbuilding and character interaction are to die for, seriously; it's the kind of story I just want to crawl inside for awhile. *____* Check it out, and don't forget [ profile] theopteryx's kickass accompanying artwork.

Oh man, look at me being all scattered! I need to get out of the office and breathe a bit. I have a [ profile] cilghal coming to stay with me this weekend, which is awesome, and my very last Boston Pride (at least, as a local resident) is tomorrow. So hopefully I can get a little relaxing, enjoying, and re-focusing in!

In honor of Pride, have some (canon) lesbian artwork! There's a lot of Sailor Moon nostalgia going around, and seeing as that was both my first fandom and a massive artistic catalyst for me, I couldn't resist noodling around with a couple of the characters a few weeks back. I totally forgot to post it then, so have it now: Michiru and her Haruka. )

Okay, this post is a pretty accurate reflection of my state of mind right now, so I think I'll stop subjecting you all to it. Have a great weekend, bbs! ♥ I should have more art for you sometime soon, and possibly hilarious stories about me learning to drive. (I kind of hope they're not too hilarious.)
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Whee, fanart. This prompting thing is really working for me! I'm having a lot of fun playing with requests and drawing in new fandoms, and I have a lot of new energy to throw into my larger obligations. Here are the two pieces I finished this week; thanks for helping me out, guys.

For [personal profile] rhivolution, as requested: a Pond visits the Loch: )

For [personal profile] jjtaylor, who asked for "Kate Beckett anything:" sadly, nobody is wearing an apron. )

That proper spring weather I was hoping for has materialized! It's pretty glorious--bright and clear and a little cool--and all it took was a day of massive thunderstorms and tornadoes across the state. What.

So I've signed up to post a few DC comics recs per week over at [community profile] fanart_recs this month; I think I'll collect the links here when I've finished. (I'll be doing Avatar: The Last Airbender in July, as well.) This was apparently apt timing on my part, because the comics blogosphere has completely lost its head over DC's latest plans to reboot EVERYTHING ... well, most of it (and they're being vague about specifics) ... this fall. There's precious little confirmed information just yet (creative teams from a handful of the 50+ new/relaunched titles) and a whole lot of rumors flying around; the rumors sound almost uniformly terrible, but it's anyone's guess at this point. I just want my Batwoman, dammit. (Actually, that's a lie--when did I get so overinvested in a large chunk of the DCU?--but it's sort of my bottom line.)

Also, seriously, why do they keep letting Jim Lee design costumes? I mean, I understand that a lot of people apparently like him as an artist (I am not one of those people), but ... ack.

A couple of rather more pleasant topical links, if only to cheer myself up:

-DC superheroines as Joan Jett & The Runaways, by Cliff Chiang

-A blogger convinces me that Steve Trevor really is a pretty great love interest for Wonder Woman. I really enjoyed that article. (Also, it lead [ profile] sweetvalleyslut to make John/Aeryn comparisons, which was interesting.)

In other general news, I'm most of the way through the first season of Fringe, and it's getting pretty fascinating! I am thinking of picking up Parks and Recreation as well. And this week I acquired more information on my grad school loan (please let the forms be on time too), a prospective roommate for the fall, and the congratulations of several (mildly dubious) ivy league scientists on my indie comics program.

How are you, bbs? Happy Friday!
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It's a new week! I need that. The rain's back, but I don't care; you make your fresh starts where you can find them.

I spent the weekend drawing and cooking, as per usual (Green Risotto Primavera, mmmm). Took some "sketch" prompts from friends, because I've been stalling out a bit, and with the [ profile] bandombigbang deadline coming right up, I needed something to get me back in gear in a bad way. Here's the first ... not particularly sketchy, as it turns out (if slightly less meticulous than usual, I swear).

the Governor and her assistant

For [ profile] mrsronweasley, Lindsey (the Governor) and Jamia from [personal profile] jjtaylor's Detective Agency series, working late. ;) I've never drawn Jamia before, so, bit of a challenge! Also, I can't lie; I totally have a thing for Lindsey in those glasses, and also in that striped tie/vest outfit, so I couldn't resist putting them together. (Also, if you haven't read JJ's little NSFW outtake about another time these two worked late, well, do yourself a favor.)

That was ridiculously fun. I pretty much have to get back to work before I can tackle any of the other requests (especially if I'm going to be this slow about it), but there will be female-character-centric art posted intermittently while I take care of my obligations. \o/ Because I haven't drawn enough women in a long, long time.

In other random news, I watched more Fringe this weekend, and man. I wish the architecture in this place resembled an old church.
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So awhile back, I signed up for the second round of [ profile] trekreversebang, and now I finally get to post! I love the whole concept of reverse bangs (there should be more of them, in all my fandoms); in a neat reversal, fanartists get to see what it's like when another creative person takes our work and runs with hir own interpretation. Fascinating.

As my piece is a bit NSFW, have a thumbnail, and the full image beneath the cut:

thumbnail featuring three Federation uniforms, close together

Lieutenant, Captain, Commander ... is that really appropriate conduct for the turbolift? )

I swear I meant to draw something that implied a little more, oh, plot ... fortunately, the intrepid [ profile] classroomnotes managed to spin one out anyway! You can find the tale here: Dream Weaver (Spock/Uhura, R). It reminds me delightfully of an episode of TOS, only with a bit of AOS spin (and slightly risque subject matter, comparatively speaking). I am flattered that she was inspired by my work.

You guys should check out the community; there is going to be a whole mess of fantastic fic & art going up over there over the next few weeks. I'm looking forward to reading; I've already had sneak peeks at the artwork, and let me tell you, it is stunning. Seriously some of the best overall output I've ever seen for a single challenge.
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So last night's MCR show was ... fucking amazing, one of the best concert experiences I have ever had. I may actually try and write up some kind of concert report later, but I need to go put myself back together a bit more first, and figure out if I expect to actually accomplish anything today. (If I put off going to the RMV until tomorrow, I am probably going to regret it, huh?)

However, I can't resist post thing the two quick pieces of art I finished to give people at the show ...

Here's an entirely goofy Killjoys/[ profile] thegaystarfish fusion-y thing:
Korse stalks Frank & Gerard at Carnival

Also, for [personal profile] tuesdaysgone, a little illustration from her amazing Killjoys prequel, The Kids From Yesterday: At the first lick of guitars, he started grinning. )

All right, now food.


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